The Scandal web

A story is told of a giant killer or dragon slayer in many African fables . These are efforts made to guarantee safety of a community or a certain homestead or family unit that has become the target . The skilled warriors are positioned to come to the aid of the endangered folks. Afew thoughts […]

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Baby Jesus is born

He was born on Christmas day in a manger, our saviour A son was born to us ,all what a favour He was born of a virgin Mary by the Holyghost So being a virgin ain’t a vague thing Angel Gabriel delivered the news Joseph chose to trust God by His word How difficult it […]

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2017 Chronicles 

One by one ndivyo nilianza kubarikiwa Blessings on blessings ndivyo nilianza kuinuka  Hurdle to hurdle ndivyo niliOvercome Three plus two ndivyo niliona mema tena  From grace to grace ndivyo nilipepea  My angel guardian hakuaniachilia  Kila day he refreshes me maji yake huninyunyizia  From strength to strength nikaitwa giantHaijalishi uzito wa jiwe langu me ni David down I […]

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